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Musings On Another Dreary Cold Spring Day May 17, 2011

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Griping about the weather is typical in Ohio and a good way to start out a blog I have no idea how to begin. My main reason for writing a blog–this blog in particular–is because I feel like I need a place to vent. I am a writer.

I have been a writer since first grade when I published my first book of stories in Mrs. Lagergren’s class. It has very detailed illustrations of my six-year-old life. My teacher said I would grow up to be an author/illustrator, which hasn’t happened yet and probably never will, at least not in combination.

Now I write business and technology related articles. Some of my friends and family who think they know me well say “Oh, how boooring that must be! But they pay you, right?” My response is, “I get paid to learn things.” And it’s true. No matter what the topic is that I am writing — a few months ago it was about Stuxnet attacks and human microchip implants–I am engaged in a creative process. I like that process of creation and choosing words and making sense of topics that for me sometimes don’t make sense until I have done a lot of research and finally “get it”. Once I have learned, I can tell everyone else what I learned, in my own words.

Fiction is my first writing love though. I want to tell stories. I always have stories to tell. The problem is that my life has been very interesting and eventful. Often I am out there living things that are written about in fiction but I don’t like to write about my own life. I want to create a story completely from scratch and that is hard. Like many people, I really admire an author like J.K. Rowling. Not that I want to write like her or something like her wizard world, or vampires or any other hot YA series, I just admire the commitment and sincerity she poured into crafting those masterpieces. They will be read for generations, no doubt about it.

I have always thought successful authors of fiction have the best possible life. They make enough money to justify spending time writing and they can enjoy fame often without the paparazzi knowing who they are (except maybe a handful like J.K.). Writing seems like a real ticket to freedom. Today for example is a dreary, cold, rainy day but an author works wherever they want, when they want and today is a good day for writing.


2 Responses to “Musings On Another Dreary Cold Spring Day”

  1. Lyn Leahz Says:

    I’m a writer too! What part of Ohio do you live in?

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