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Clueless Me September 18, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized,writing — Birgit Nazarian @ 2:48 pm

I am clueless. This was the first blog I made. “Wildflowers in Ohio”. I later made “Morning Warmup” and tried to hide “Wildflowers because I just didn’t want to manage 2 blogs that were essentially similiar – but people keep coming to “Wildflowers” anyway. Now it seems like it might be okay to have both. I could use one to talk about my writing and one to talk about my fitness and foodie stuff, my little adventures out in the wilds of Ohio. Ironically “Morning Warmup will probably have more pictures of wildflowers than “Wildflowers” because that’s where I report my hikes and photos I might take ocassionally. If that’s okay with you wonderful reader, that’s what I will do. Take care, and look for more about writing on here.


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