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Practice Novels September 21, 2012

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After the past two years of upheaval in my life I kind of feel like that butterfly. Broken winged. Well, I am working on a “practice novel”. I don’t know if this is the best strategy for everyone else but I was so hesitant to start writing again. This summer I walked away from a perfectly good writing job in which my editors liked working with me very much and the pay was good. I would rather not spell out the details other than throw out the cliche phrase “It was complicated.” 

But anyway, the practice novel is a thriller/suspense novel. A genre I pretty much suck at. But I do read a lot of other author’s suspense/thriller novels. Starting a novel is hard sometimes just because it’s such a large project. It’s deciding to build a jumbo jet as opposed to a paper airplane or a glider or something well, less daunting. 

Saying and letting it be a “practice novel” frees me of worries. I simply begin writing. I can abandon it at any time. It helps me get the novel writing “muscles” primed again, relearn what I haven’t used in the past 5-6 years since I stopped writing novels. I feel the excitement coming back. But I made one rule for myself. No matter how bad it is, I need to give it my best shot and write regularly, like every day if I can. So far I have 4,000 words. It’s going okay and in a way it’s like physical therapy is to an injured athlete, you have to go slowly building strength and agility before you can compete again. 


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