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Working Your Adventures Into Fiction: Yea or Nay? September 22, 2012

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I am on the fence about this. If you’ve had some good– meaning interesting–adventures in the past they can be distracting to you as a fiction writer. You might think they make a good story but it’s not enough for a whole novel or you might try to build a novel around them, like I often try to, and find they kind of get in the way! So how do you manage these mini-novels or this subplot material? Force it to work into a larger story or try to build around it?

Mostly I ignore my good stories when I am writing fiction and just tell them to my friends on long hikes or when the girls and I gather and I’ve had a glass or two of wine, when the time seems right. Because it’s easier to invent a story from the ground up than try to make an incident or even a series of unfortunate events into a novel length story if it’s just not enough. I am still working on how to use these experiences in fiction without letting them lead me astray if anyone has any insight on the subject!


8 Responses to “Working Your Adventures Into Fiction: Yea or Nay?”

  1. You have a natural ability to tell a great verbal story. I think you have a great romance novel in you. Something that crosses many countries.

    • Hey Candace! Well, I hope so. Last night I was telling Armen some stories (the child friendly ones). He says he likes my adventure stories that happened in Mexico the best. 😀 But I’ve been kicking around ideas lately.

  2. Congratulations for this post. Kisses from Barcelona!

  3. Yea! Totally for it! I write YA Fantasy and with my first book, Manipulating the List, I tied in experiences from my life and a large historical event. It was extremely fun getting to do some research on the history stuff and the personal touch added to my book only made me (and surprisingly my readers) love it more. I knew that I would like the personal stuff, but I found that since I could picture every incident and truly FEEL what happened, my writing reflected those emotions and made it that much more exciting for my readers. (The readers, of course, don’t know which parts are make-believe or experiences!) Good luck to you!

    • Okay, I feel encouraged. I worried about it you know, because I started to kind of move the story in a different direction since my own experience was beginning to distract me from my planned story line! I guess we need to keep a firm hand on the rudder, huh?? 😀

  4. Perhaps you could attach some of your stories to your older characters as part of their pasts? Sometimes I find myself in the same boat…It’s easy to write a out what you know…bit then you pigeon hole yourself sometimes…Keep at it ;). Some stories are absolutely meant to be shared :).

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