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Writing Anxiety September 27, 2012

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Everything is perfect. Quiet, rainy day, no pressing matters — other than writing — to address. No anticipated interruptions or distractions. A warm cup of “Ahmad, Number 1 English Tea” within reach. But the writing won’t come easily.

This morning I knew I could get a lot of writing done. My focus is to fix a short story I am working on. I’ve been working on clever twists, devices and details to enhance the plot. But I noticed as I stood in front of my bathroom mirror before sitting down at the laptop to write that I was a little jittery and nervous. This was actual anxiety! Over writing. Which I love. What the hell?

Writing is fun, it’s’ like running to me. I must do it, it feels good, especially afterwards. During, sometimes it’s like…well, challenging. But that’s part of the fun! That’s part of why I must do it. The pay off is a sense of accomplishment which I think all people need in order to feel like worthy human beings.

So I am telling myself and you maybe too, if you agree with me, that there are no bad writing sessions. Just as I said in my other blog “Morning Warmup” several weeks ago, there are no bad running sessions. It’s all about working through problems and gutting it out until things are resolved.

But just to shake things up, I am spending 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer before I take another crack at it…maybe getting the gears spinning there, will get the gears spinning in my head.


One Response to “Writing Anxiety”

  1. I totally agree! Just have to keep going, whether it’s there or not. You’ll fee better and may unlock good ideas in the process.

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