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Celebration Time – Nanowrimo Mission Accomplished! December 3, 2012

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It was a cliffhanger! Around Thanksgiving I didn’t write for three days and when I finally made time to get back to my novel for National Novel Writing Month I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the 50,000 words or not. Then the day before I finished the novel I hated it. I mean HATED IT! I’d just written this big take down scene in a warehouse on a waterfront and hours later I flipped on the television and started surfing and there was a very similar scene in a show called “Flashpoint” — which I’d never scene but still it just made me cringe. 

When I got back to my novel though the ending happened quite naturally and I felt good about it. Amazingly it all wrapped up in 50,128 words! How’s that for efficiency? Yeah, I thought so too.

The aftermath: Hmm, it’s not a great story. It’s good, maybe it  has potential but only with A LOT of work. It’s clear I don’t master the genre of suspense that well and showed me how little I really know about the kinds of characters I wanted to work. Nanowrimo is not for writing a great novel, it’s more about learning the process of writing and finding your weaknesses. If you write a certain setting or topic you should know it thoroughly beforehand before you try to wing it. 

My mission was to just “git ‘er done” and I did it. Blew it out in 30 days. It was also to write consistently and that’s what I did. Now I feel more confident about doing a real novel laying the groundwork first and doing the research needed. I would say three months is a reasonable goal for the next one. 🙂 


2 Responses to “Celebration Time – Nanowrimo Mission Accomplished!”

  1. roamingtheworld Says:

    That’s impressive!
    Every year when Nano rolls around I’m reminded this contest exists but have never thought to enter!
    I feel it’s more the feat to challenge yourself to doing it vs. how good your story may be!
    Congrats to you for gitting ‘er done!

    • Thank you! It was a really good experience. I ended up with a rough draft that I can work on or steal from for other stories. I should do it every 3 months though. It made me much more productive to be forced to meet that deadline. I recommend that before it starts you know roughly what you want to write about and kind of do some rough sketches on characters, plot, etc. then your writing time will really be worth it. I winged mine with just an idea and it turned out okay, but it will need a lot of rewriting to be good because I didn’t do upfront planning.

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