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Focusing and Organizing to Write February 1, 2013

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Look at the light through the trees!! 😀 I know success is there, I just have to push through obstacles like that big shiny golden orb. 😀

I haven’t written a blog for Wildflowers in a while because my mind is so cluttered lately and I feel a little unfocused and overwhelmed. The new year started. Does that give you kind of a panic attack? Another year…and what have I done with my writing? It does me! A huge one. Then I have been pouring a lot of my energy into dieting, planning and training for a marathon and an ultra-marathon this Spring. Sometimes a singular focus on one thing makes me neglect other things also important. But I have a day to work on more organizing and some writing! 

Last time I organized, about a week or two ago, I managed to find all my old manuscripts and file them in a place on my laptop and put the latest documents on an external hard drive and up on Google Docs. Pretty good start. My next phase is to decide if I want to start a new novel or work on an existing manuscript. In the meantime I think it makes sense to write some more short stories to get my writing primed. Like training for a race, I need warm ups and practice to write more fluidly and gracefully. 

It doesn’t hurt to do this every few months. I think I will try to make a habit of it. But especially the saving files to the cloud or on an external hard drive. Focusing is harder. Giving myself permission this day to write anything I hope will get me focused and brainstorming is always a fun activity. 


One Response to “Focusing and Organizing to Write”

  1. jumeirajames Says:

    Interesting analogy on the similarities you see between writing and running (the warm up)

    When you switch to writing my only advice is – keep your mind on the finish line. You can’t win if you don’t complete.

    Great post



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