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Fighting Real vs. Fantasy October 21, 2013

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Some of you know I haven’t posted in her in a while. I’ve been running and training and doing about everything but write. Now I feel a bit disappointed in myself for not writing. I have put myself on a running hiatus so I can write again. Another struggle I have is dealing with writing real world topics and non-fiction vs. fantasy and fiction. What’s more fun? Well fiction of course! I read fiction. I also read non-fiction but I ESCAPE in fiction most times over non-fiction.

My stories when they come out will be based on experiences in some way. That’s a scary thing. Especially when it’s exciting because bad things are usually not dull topics. Good things can be exciting but they can also be dull. It’s conflict that makes a story. Using real life events yours or someone else’s can be an emotional journey that a lot of us find difficult. I have an idea to work on.

I will fill you in next time.

Take care and write.





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