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The Scary Thing About Writing October 24, 2013

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Actually there are many scary things about writing. For me, one of those scary things is the curiosity that drives me to go out and find out more about what I am writing or thinking about writing. Maybe I already have some experiences or experience in a certain area and I just access that or go relive it, sort of, and take notes. Maybe I have to get to know a place, type of person, thing or experience a feeling or surrounding to get it right in a story.

It’s always been an attraction I have to writing. The permission to have adventures…with a purpose. It’s also led to lots of trouble. Let’s say I want to know what it’s like to be alone in a creepy abandoned house. What do you think I will do so a reader can feel that kind of fear and uncertainty in my writing? That’s right. I will go to a creepy abandoned house and see how it feels. And I like doing those things. I just forget that I am not necessarily going to be able to control the outcome of events like I can when I am the writer.


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