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2014 Writing Goals February 27, 2014

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This year is starting out great with writing. I am currently writing articles for the Extreme Sports blog “Outdoorbuzz” and I made a goal in creative writing too.

My creative writing goal is to write “40 Shorts”. That means forty short stories from micro fiction to novella length. So far I have three decent short stories out of it and several other more experimental shorts. I have learned in just one and a half months that short short stories are VERY hard to come up with and write.

Everytime I begin a short story it seems to end up being at least 6,000 words. How does that happen? I guess it means I am more of a novelist than a short story writer. But I think writing VERY short fiction is something I want to keep trying. It’s a challenge I enjoy.

The articles are fun too because seeing your writing published is just a nice boost in confidence. Anyway, I feel good about 2014 and plan to hit that 40 shorts goal by December and hopefully have some really good publishable short stories!

Hope your writing is going well too!



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