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Vulnerable and Arrogant October 13, 2014

Filed under: Uncategorized — Birgit Nazarian @ 2:15 pm


Have you ever noticed how as writers we are often both vulnerable and arrogant at the same time? Do you judge when you read another writer’s published work? Do you fear having your own work judged by others?

Guilty of both! Recently I am going around submitting my writing samples for employment. At first I feel no hesitation to share published work with prospective employers. It’s when I have to expose myself again and again for approval and no job comes of it, I begin to feel vulnerable. Was it fluke that the other guys liked my writing? Am I good? Am I not good? Which is it?

I think most of us aren’t quite sure where we truly stand because writing is SUBJECTIVE. Like other forms of art. Not everyone will like your voice or your style. And that’s okay. Oh yes, I know. There is BAD writing but we aren’t talking about that. My belief is if something inside feels truly satisfied about what you produce and other people have corroborated, it’s no fluke. So keep the faith and keep on writing.


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